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Make your Websites, Webshops and Apps intelligent.

Automated organisation of big data
Improve insights in your online results, visitors and customers.
Use information efficiently and enjoy the management of your business with online IT solutions for marketing, sales, retail, finance, human resources, customer support and more...
Your (potential) clients and customers are automatically analyzed and observed.
Automated algorithms will notify you and produce the best sales strategies and marketing campaigns.
Interact on and control all strategies and campaigns manually or let the system interact on them automatically.
We internally provide interests of individual people and provide them services for free as gratitude for their information by publishing our core and serving them with our AIMS program.
Connect with us, boost your business... Join a network of usefull information.

Boost your business with AI


We develop, design and maintain new websites, shops or other online applications and platforms. We also "boost" current existing ones and/or connect them to Artificial Intelligence.

Siteboost Systems will revolutionize the reach to your customers, the workprocess efficiency of your companies key activities and automate analysations.
We open doors to do "smart business" with programming services and creation of innovative automated processes.
With Siteboost Systems you will solve your IT problems and find the online applications you and your company needs.
We provide everything you need with this service, for example; unlimited hosting, webmail, domain registration, design, development services and more.

With specialised knowledge about backoffice activities of different types of market sectors we have developed a backoffice system which is running on a self learning core from it's own network. It's made compatible as a perfect fit to be used as management system for your business activities. (content management, enterprise resources planning, Intern communications, Customer support, Ecommerce B2C, CHR, Marketing and more). All these modules and plugins are provided in only 1 application which makes all activities very easy manageable because of a specially designed mobile end user friendly interface.

Do you or does your company already have a website, app or shop?
Choose a plugin to connect with AI.


A Siteboost System is one management system containing different departments (made available as modules) compound for a specific market sector (made usable by the installation of a plugin). The program, we call the backoffice, is a cloudbased system with a stand alone kernel. It can be connected to, and boost the results of all your websites, shops and apps. This we'd accomplished by making them intelligent. The system combines functionality to increase sales, automate marketing, interact on your (companies) website visitors and more... All your sites, shops and apps become easy manageable, connected, capable to learn from eachother and will increase your insights and results exponentially.


All available plugins are specially designed for a specific market sector. All automated processes in our system will give your sites, shops and apps a boost to get better results out of it. You will experience not only a pleasure of working on your online services, it also becomes more effienctly and easy managable, the processes of your work will be automated like never before and it will save you a lot of time!


The system's functionalities are simplified and easy to use. However all the intergrated modules are running on a artificial intelligence system. Therefore we will provide training if nessary to whom ( entities employees ) it desires. We will train to use all the systems functionalities and to work with the big data as easy as possible.

Connect your business to Artificial Intelligence


When connected with The Siteboost System's Network you will reach more customers in less time, get better results, increase your insights and enjoy managing all your work online by using automated processes with sales driven algorithms.

The Siteboost Network contains information that has been collected to analyse specific interests of individual people and legal entities.

Because the systems are tracking visitations and the actions of websurfers in it's network and by saving whom are visiting certain webpages containing specified information and bounce to pages containing the same categorized information twice. We can provide calculated predictions about current interests of individuals by analyzing the intentions of the identified visitors. Individuals are indentified by matching email addresses, ip numbers or other ID related information available and when a visitor has been identified, we can observe the behaviour of the individual in our network. We follow up on the collected information by letting the core of all systems, provided to our clients, learn from itself and it's network automatically. How? we let the systems suggest a certain choice as an advice and the choice of the partner, client or customer whom has been adviced, will be saved and remembered.

The individual is directly recognized after registration or login on one of the websites within the AI network of all Siteboost's Systems. We provide the information of actions, intensions, interests and visitations to our client and partners according wishes and needs.
By branching site types, categorizing products and specify service or offer we can calculate the current interest what to buy, hire or rent very accurately per individual. Most importantly: You will be able to interact on it and efficiently manage it all by using specially designed online software, accessible from anywhere in world, targeting your market sector.

If you (or your company) decides to connect and intergrate the system, the information of all webshops, sites and apps in our network will be taken into account on action and interfere with your own site, shop or app if wanted.

From now on you will be able to interact faster and with more results on your customer's needs then ever before by using only one system, your backoffice to manage all your wesites, shops and apps.


Online retail software


Implementing the retail module will enable you to pick stock for your webshop and manage the products in your webshop inventory. You will experience a order processing module which has been simplified to use, works in five steps everytime you receive a new order, works also with dropshipping and will automatically send an e-mail to the customer after every step you finished. All the purchases you do or have done will be enabled when implementing the retail module, under the menu option purchase history.

Online sales software


Specify the products in your inventory to increase you sales result by inventory management within the sales module. The program automatically calculates your profit, revenue and purchase costs a month and per year which you have insight in with the sales module. Besides these calculations you can price your product. The pricing calculator will advice you about the pricing of the products according your competition and marketing budget. The adviced prices are based on a type of marketing strategie to be competitive on the market. The costs and profits will be automatically calculated where the outcome of this calculation will determine your liquidity position and breakeven point per product.

Online marketing software


Your customers actions will be logged, everytime he or she views a products, logs in, adds a product to the charts and more... These actionslogs are analyzed by the siteboost's system and displayed in statistics under the menu option Customer Analytics.

The calculations regarding your revenue, profit and purchase costs are systematically analyzed in comparison with the sales goals your management has targeted and inserted in the system. The result will be displayed in statistics which you have insight in if you activate the marketing module. Besides these statistics the sales results per category and product are also automatically analyzed so you are informed about which category and products have been sold the most in a defined period of time.

Advertisement Campaign Management
Manage all advertisement account and launch campaigns according statistics to increase your sales!

Human resources software


Systems account management, intern communications and a users information section. Human resources will manage all intern users, give them rights, add contract or information and with this module you will be able to send messages to users individually.

Customers support and relations software


A live support function and e-mail portal to handle customer support and relations.

Software for intern communications


A private and public chat function for system users.

Finance software


Administration tables, profit, revenue and purchase calculations as well as categorized as per product. Automatically generated quartely and yearly adminstration report which can be downloaded in CSV.

Management software


Set goals for retail (add x amount of products), add goals for sales (sell x amount of products), add goals for marketing (x amount of registered users) and more. You can add intern news topics and distribute task to system users with the management function of the siteboost system.


Upgrade your business


"Modernisation, responsivity and dynamical content."

All websites, shops and apps will be modernized, responsive, professional and connected to our systems network which includes AI.

If you decide to boost your business this package is always included.

Ecommerce plugin


"Plugin for business 2 consumer webshops."

The modules which are installed with the e-commerce plugin will increase the sales of your webshop. Because of better insights in your customer's actions and interests markting is automated (sales strategies are launchable in campaigns)

A user friendly management system for your webshop's inventory.
All plugins containing automated algorithms to calculate your profit, revenue and purchase costs and provides a order processing system.
Customer service and backoffice functionality is intergrated to manage the support and claims.
And more!
Realestate plugin


"Plugin for webplatform which provide realestate offer."

Intergrated: a realestate offer management system.
Upgrade to a modern and responsive lay-out.
Servicedesk functionality.
Renting Requests processing system. With this sytem you can observe the individual's information online and approve them to sign the rental contract, whom requested to rent or buy.
And more!

Online wholesale and distributor software


"Plugins for distributor and wholesale platforms."

The modules which are installed with the e-commerce plugin will increase the sales and manage the b2b clients of your webshop. Because of better insights in your customer's actions and interests markting is automated (sales strategies are launchable in campaigns)

A user friendly management system for your webshop's inventory.
The plugins contains automated scripts to calculate your profit, revenue and purchase costs and provides a order processing system.
Client service management and backoffice functionality are intergrated to manage the support for your partners.
And more!
Online software for cafe hotel and restaurants


"Plugin for cafe, hotel & restaurants."

The modules which are installed with the hospitality plugin will increase the management of your organisation. Automation of reserverations and the possibility of narrowcasting will increase your marketing possibility and automate the booking and reservations administration.

Narrow Casting.
Reservation and booking system.
Customer management.
And more!
Artificial Intelligence


"Plugin for collecting and using big data with your site, shops and apps."

These modules are specially designed to collect data, this data you can manage, sell or buy.

Artificial Intelligence
Interest Marketplace and internal distribution.
Monitoring, streaming and publishing data.
Stream, hosting panels.
SDatabase development and normalisation.
And more!
Contact us for a demo.




Marketing, sales and customer interactions are ment to increase the results of your site. According calculations and statistics the program automatically generates e-mails to trigger users to either buy or visit your website.

For example; the category that has been visited the most by a specific user will be calculated automatically and displayed in percentage of total views within the customer interactions table. You can click on the button to send an email with products referring to this category to this user. The system then sends an e-mail to this customer with products from this category to trigger him to buy on your website.


The program automatically calculates.

1.0 Customer interests

2.0 Most viewed products avarage and per customer

3.0 Most viewed categories avarage and per customer

4.0 Amount of login and registration

5.0 Goal progresses.

6.0 Profit, revenue and purchase costs

7.0 liquidity and breakeven points.

8.0 Advice prices to be competitive on the market.

9.0 Sales statistics, and sales progresses in comparison with goals.

10.0 Marketing statistics, marketing results and marketing progresses in comparison with goals.


The program analyzes.

1.0 Goal progress

2.0 Sales results

3.0 Customer actions

4.0 Purchases

5.0 Task progresses per user.



How are interests measured. Interest are measured according system actionlogs and coockies. The outcome of these measurements are neccessary to boost your site. Therefore we have intergrated these calculations in the system and the results of this calculations can be used within the system as effecient and effective as possible by desplaying them in statistical tables.


The insight regarding the results of your sales and purchase costs are analyzed and displayed in bar charts and linear charts. Finance and marketing can interact on these insights to increase the online results.


The customer actions are displayed in charts. Weather the customer logs in or visit a certain page on your site the system will measure these action and transform them in usefull information and open up functionalities according these statistics marketing can use!


Observations, Intentions, Analysations, Suggestions and Interests data

62 14 8 3 5
Categories Branches Market Sectors Action Types Intention Variables
70 9 816 1532 2458
Source URL's Companies Email Accounts IP Numbers Visitions



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Because we're boosting current services on the web related to design and development we have setup a formula

Are you currently using wordpress or yoomla to manage and develop the website of your customers?
Fuse Siteboost Systems you can offer a lot more to your customers and it's worth a lot more!

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